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your gateway to excellence in the steel industry in Düsseldorf

As a prominent trade company with an exclusive network comprising over 1100 trusted sources, suppliers, and producers in the steel sector, we take immense pride in connecting businesses with top-quality industrial machinery and equipment. Our extensive network empowers us to cater to diverse demands and deliver tailor-made solutions to our esteemed clients.

Our Services

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Industrial Machinery, Equipment  &  Production Lines

Our primary service would be providing a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment tailored to the specific needs of customers in the steel industry. This includes sourcing, distributing, and delivering high-quality used machinery and equipment from reputable manufacturers.

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Consultation & Solutions

EVEREXSTEEL Solutions can offer consultation services to clients, understanding their requirements and recommending the most suitable machinery and equipment solutions to optimize their operations. This could involve conducting feasibility studies, offering technical expertise, and suggesting process improvements.

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Steel Market Intelligence

Utilizing the vast steel market database, EVEREXSTEEL Solutions can offer market intelligence services to customers and stakeholders. This includes providing up-to-date information on steel prices, market trends, demand-supply dynamics, and competitor analysis.

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Market Research

 Generating in-depth market research reports based on the data from the database. These reports could offer insights into emerging opportunities, potential risks, and growth prospects in the steel industry.


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 Market Entry & Expansion Strategy

 Assisting clients in exploring new markets or expanding their presence by offering insights into market dynamics, regulatory landscape, and potential business opportunities.



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Trade Finance

With our adept creative structuring capabilities, we specialize in crafting innovative and personalized solutions that perfectly align with our clients' short to medium-term financing needs.